Family Island™ — Farming game

Family Island™ — Farming game

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Developer: Melsoft Games Ltd
Vydáno: 2023

Platforma: android

Travel back in time and go on an unforgettable adventure with a modern Stone Age family.

Hop off the boat at step onto an island paradise. But, oh! There’s only a tropical forest and some grass here! Perfect! An unexplored land is ideal for our family. Start from scratch and build your very own village:

Cultivate the land and grow lots of yummy vegetables and other plants to harvest.
Create a farm and get some fun animals to look after. It’s the farming life for you.
Build a house to live in or even a mansion with a beautiful garden.
Grow your home and family. Your virtual simulator game just became a whole lot more FUN!
★ Add more houses and people and create a WHOLE village. Soon you’ll even have a funky town full of families to have fun with.
Go on adventures. Launch your ship from the bay and see where the winds take you. Perhaps, you’ll even discover seaside paradise.
Fall in love with your island crush and make all your dreams come true.

This isn’t like any other simulator game. In Family Island, you fully immerse yourself in day-to-day village life and build your very own exciting story. From cooking for your family to becoming village management to taking on the role of an explorer and hunting for treasure — this saga is never boring!

Bonus: lots of islands to explore, parties, competitions, fun, puzzles and lots more!
Come to Family Island. Your epic Stone Age adventure is waiting!

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