Madeleine the Little Pike and a rainbow ball

Jan Opatřil

Délka: 44 min
Interpret: Nikki Fortova
Vydavatel: Kapřík Metlík publishing
Vydáno: 2023
Typ souboru: MP3
Velikost: 41 MB

Obtížnost četby A1. Pro děti ve věku 6-9 let, mírně pokročilí. Knihu čte rodilý mluvčí. Hlas je doplněn přenádhernými hudebními melodiemi. Pohádkový příběh se šťastným koncem.

Madeleine the Little Pike is a rascal. She gets her teeth into anything that moves and is responsibly getting ready for the lonely life of a water predator. One day, her mum got caught by a fisherman. Madeleine is left alone and starts to crave friends. But how can she find friends when she has such sharp teeth and everyone is afraid of her. Madeleine sets off for a journey across the lake and realises that she will first have to change herself to find friends. But is it at all possible for a predacious pike to befriend her prey? What is she to eat then? And what is the role of the rainbow ball in the story? The story of Madeleine the Little Pike will gladden your heart. If you like nature, fish and happy endings, this book is the right one for you.

Audiokniha Madeleine the Little Pike and a rainbow ball, autor Jan Opatřil, čte Nikki Fortova.


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