Total Battle: Strategy Games

Total Battle: Strategy Games

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Developer: Scorewarrior
Vydáno: 2023

Platforma: android

Total Battle is a war strategy game that will allow you to become immersed in a fantasy world of battles between ancient civilizations, magic kingdoms, and great empires. Join the epic heroes responsible for the rise of the mighty kingdoms and grow your empire in the magical world of Total Battle!

Enjoy this online strategy building game, and show off your castle defense skills and tactical war maneuvres. Command and conquer kingdoms and castles, occupy forts, and feel the rush of battle glory in this fantasy MMO RTS game.

Join the company of legendary heroes who’ll defend their territory at all costs and fight against monsters, barbarians, wizards, elves, and other foes. Develop a base and establish a strong tower defense to win all the kings battles in this medieval strategy war game and become the Lord of all the Kingdoms!

Your military base, which lies at the heart of your castle, needs to be developed. At first, you’ll have access to catapults and guardsmen, and later on, you’ll get even more units: titans, dragons, elementals, and other fantastic beasts will defend your stronghold, eliminate enemy troops, and conquer the world on your behalf. Summon the best captains to lead your warriors and achieve victory. Your skills as a kingdom-builder will determine the game future, so do your best! Choose your strategy for managing the troops in your army—each unit has unique abilities for going to war against monsters and other players.

Depending on your play style, you can find unique points of interest on the world map among deserts, forests, and mountain ranges. Hordes of enemies, abandoned gold mines, battle arenas, and ancient crypts filled with treasure are just waiting to be discovered! Not every strategy will win you a war! But with dedication, careful planning, and good management, you’ll build up a strong empire and raise a civilization!

Your army isn’t the only thing that plays a crucial role in a winning strategy. Your heroes and captains have various skills for dealing with different situations. Craft equipment and level up your heroes just like in the best MMORPGs! Put your heroes at the head of your legion of troops, earn XP, and take pride of place in the Hall of Fame. Compose an ode to your heroes and make them legends!

Accept the challenge of epic monsters and raise your dragon. Give him a name and summon him to fight against your most dangerous enemies. The strength of your dragon will be indispensable when besieging mighty magical citadels.

In Total Battle, clans with members from all over the world fight to achieve their dreams. Join a clan of like-minded people, play with friends, and achieve your goals together in this online strategy game. Capture territory, climb to the top of the war rankings, and, most importantly, enlist the support of thousands of allies to help you achieve world domination.

Features of Total Battle:

- An MMO 4X real-time strategy game with PvE and PvP modes.
- A massive open world with hundreds of kingdoms and millions of lords' castles.
- A medieval fantasy setting.
- Dozens of legendary heroes and captains from different civilizations.
- An RPG-style character leveling system.
- Fantastic tame beasts led by your mighty dragon at the head.
- A clan system and the ability to chat with other players.
- Dozens of types of magic enemies of different levels.
- Regular competitions and challenges.

Total Battle is a multiplayer war game that is available in English and that has been translated into more than 15 languages. The game is constantly updated, and the number of historical epochs is growing: from ancient times to the medieval era, and even the age of discovery. Join a massive community of strategy game lovers!

Enjoy our online battle strategy game! Do you want to dominate? Then don’t give up—build an empire and fight until the end!

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