Ghostbusters Afterlife: scARe

Ghostbusters Afterlife: scARe

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iOS Android

Developer: Imprezario Entertainment
Vydáno: 2022

Platforma: iosandroid

GHOSTBUSTERS: AFTERLIFE ScARe delivers an untold chapter in the Ghostbusters universe centered around the latest film, Ghostbusters: Afterlife. Players seek to defend their surroundings amid an oncoming apocalypse. Banding together with newfound friends, players must use clues and intellect to solve puzzles to unlock special nuclear equipment. Then find the moxie to blast through evil entities to overcome a Sumerian deity’s grip on humanity.

Be a god yourself, and save the day!



● BATTLE supernatural entities from the new Ghostbusters: Afterlife film (November 2021). Created with real-time location-based gameplay, these unwelcome guests will pay you a visit wherever you play!

● SOLVE Phoebe’s hidden puzzles to access unlicensed nuclear equipment with updated functionality.

● RECEIVE in-game text messages, phone and video calls from your favorite Ghostbusters: Afterlife characters, including Phoebe, Trevor, Lucky, and Podcast. Their clues will assist you in defeating a certain Sumerian deity and her minions.

● SURVIVE slime attacks by ducking and dodging. Direct slime hits will decrease your proton pack’s power and leave you vulnerable against terrifying augmented attack sequences.

● COLLECT captured entities in your device’s own ghost containment unit.


In-App Purchase:

Ghostbusters Afterlife: ScARe is free to download and play for the first two episodes. Additional episodes can be purchased (with real currency) by the Player.


1) Data connection required (Mobile/WiFi).
2) Best experienced in open or wide areas.
3) Use headphones for the full ASMR audio experience.

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