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Obálka knihy Acute appendicitis

Acute appendicitis

Vitězslav et al. Marek

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Vydavatel: Grada
Vydáno: 2021
Jazyk: anglický
Počet stran: 117

Generations of Slovak surgeons drew information mostly from renowned Czech publications where the diagnosis of acute appendicitis was described as part of the diagnosis of acute abdomen.

The publication Acute appendicitis – early diagnosis and preoperative consideration was created, with the intention of filling this blank space in Slovak professional libraries.

The aim of the monograph was to provide the latest, but also time-tested knowledge in the diagnosis of acute appendicitis. We avoided headless transcription of information from other professional books, the effort was their initial evaluation in clinical practice.

Thus we wanted to fulfill the main idea of the new publication- maximum practicality.
Complexity was our next criterion. We tried to close long-term open question of diagnosis of this most common acute abdominal disease. However, we encountered an unpredictable barrier and understood that even today the issue of acute appendicitis is not fully clarified. In this cases we have tried with all humility to lay a solid foundation for the research of future generations doctors.

The first part of the publication (chapters 1–13) is devoted to the history, anatomy, etiology, pathophysiology, classification and comprehensive diagnosis of acute appendicitis in patients of all ages. We emphasize the fundamental importance of the anamnesis and clinical examination of the abdomen in the process of diagnosing AA, which is currently wrongly underestimated by many doctors.

In the second part (chapter 14), the diagnosis of acute appendicitis is subject to the view of a forensic expert.
The third part (chapters 15–16) gives the reader instructions on when to indicate conservative and when, on the contrary, surgical treatment of acute appendicitis.


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