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Obálka knihy Faraday The Time-Travelling Dog: The Viking Queen

Faraday The Time-Travelling Dog: The Viking Queen

Jeffrey Archer

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Vydavatel: Saga Egmont
Vydáno: 2024
Série: Faraday The Time-Travelling Dog
Jazyk: anglický
Počet stran: 180

Get ready for another riveting tail-wagging tale and join Harry, Sofia, Alex, Jack, and their magical dog Faraday on an epic journey back in time!

When Faraday and the gang visit a museum, they suddenly find themselves transported to the fierce and exciting world of Vikings. From sailing through storms and outsmarting notorious Vikings like Black Bart to devising innovative business plans for raiding parties, they embark on an adventure like no other! But when an alien robot appears and captures Faraday, can the gang save their time-traveling companion before time runs out?

Meet Sophia, Jack, Vivi, Alex and Harry - friends who stumble upon a stray dog named Faraday from a local science lab. But Faraday is no ordinary dog; he possesses quantum powers including time travel and teleportation! Each story whisks them through different historical periods where they must safeguard the timeline. Their adventures start to echo in history - an imprint of their quantum canine companion!

Jeffrey Archer (1940-) is a bestselling British author and former politician, renowned for his captivating novels, short stories, and children's books published in over 97 countries and over 37 languages. His best-known works include ‘First Among Equals’, ‘Kane and Abel’ and ‘Only Time Will Tell’.


Série Faraday The Time-Travelling Dog

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