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Obálka knihy Darkness Calls: An Inspector Cecilie Mars Thriller

Darkness Calls: An Inspector Cecilie Mars Thriller

Michael Katz Krefeld

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Vydavatel: Saga Egmont
Vydáno: 2023
Jazyk: anglický
Počet stran: 243

IF HE EXPOSES HER, SHE'LL LOSE EVERYTHING! Late one night, newly promoted Inspector Cecilie Mars makes a fatal choice that has far-reaching consequences. Her misstep has been captured on film, and now an anonymous figure threatens to reveal everything unless she follows their cunning plan. Drawn into a sinister scheme involving blackmailing and vigilantism, Cecilie is forced to consider just how far she is willing to go to ensure justice. At the same time, it slowly dawns on her that the unknown figure might not be so unknown after all... From the bestselling Danish author, Michael Katz Krefeld, ´Darkness Calls´ is a gritty Scandi Noir crime thriller, perfect for readers who just can't get enough of hit-series 'The Bridge' or Netflix's 'The Chestnut Man'.


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