Agnes and the Forbidden Mountain

Agnes and the Forbidden Mountain

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Vydavatel: Krkavčí matka
Vydáno: 2022
Série: Agnes díl 1
Jazyk: anglický
Počet stran: 428

Agnes lives in the virgin forest tribe of Magreys. Each member of the tribe is born with an exceptional gift. As soon as a Magrey discovers and masters their gift,
there comes the time to perform it during a Full Moon Celebration and to promise not to misuse it and serve for the good of the tribe.

The only catch is that a Magrey must do so before reaching the age of twelve years old or they turn into a Shadow.
Agnes just celebrated her eleventh birthday. And unlike the others, she still has no idea what her gift is.
So, she sets out on a dangerous journey to the Forbidden Mountain. To the very same mountain from which her father never returned five years ago.

An adventurous story about a journeyto find her inner self lets the reader ponder such questions as:
How do you make sense of your time on Earth,
which is ridiculously short?
How do you follow your heart?
How do you not cling to all the things that we have borrowed in our lives?
How do you find happiness in the mundane?
How do you awaken kindness to your own body?
How do you take care of your soul and not let others hurt you?
And how do you come to terms with your own mortality?

Veronika Hurdová:
“I strongly believe that developing and
pampering our own unique skills is the right way
to make the world around us a more beautiful place.”

The book is intended for children from eight to one hundred years old.


Série Agnes

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