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Obálka knihy Loyal Heart

Loyal Heart

Pavel Tomcsányi

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Vydavatel: E-knihy jedou
Vydáno: 2018
Jazyk: anglický
Počet stran: 189

The jungle horn that has been silent for ages sounded on the northern border. Attack! The peaceful Joschol nation is facing the invasion of outlanders who came from the sea. They’re easily getting deeper in the midland and the situation seems to be dangerous. The Joschol nation doesn’t have a powerful army and at this moment, they also don’t have any chance to build any other one. The only hope is a terrorist invasion in the centre of the Askals, which is the name the Joschols gave them, and getting their king Kerkesan out! Is there any brave man who can cope with the task that nobody has ever finished?

Inside the book, there’s a complex and variable adventure containing 412 links with several different endings and only you can decide about the process and the end of the story. There’s also an easy point system when you face to the Askals and some other dangers. Your personal diary for writing down your objects and characteristics. Accept the voice of your nation and set off this exciting journey!


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