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Obálka audioknihy Three friends and the totally fantastic bunker

Three friends and the totally fantastic bunker

Barbora Kardošová

Délka: 5 h 4 min
Interpret: Clive Chandler
Vydavatel: Wisteria Books
Vydáno: 2024
Typ souboru: MP3
Velikost: 286 MB

An unusuall story about the power of friendship

A bunker is the most secretive hideout. Everyone needs one. George is almost eleven years old and he would love to own a gerbil. Or a dog. Or any other soft and cuddly animal he could play with when he comes home from school. But he is not allowed. Everything is an issue. And so George finds himself three friends and a bunker.

Doctor, Miss and Agent, or otherwise known as a horse, a cat and a dog will soon teach George that if he wants anything, he needs to be patient, that the best place to think is in a tree and also that everything is not always as it seems. Thanks to his three friends, George realises that Laura is awesome, he solves a family mystery and he also gets better at maths.

For kids 8+

Recording: ©Evolutions Bristol 2023 | Autor: ©Babča Kardošová 2015 | Preklad: © Jana Ziska-Marusiakova, Asha Barbara Ziska 2023 | Interpret: ⓅClive Chandler 2023 | Sound: ©Tereza Králiková, Miroslav Králik 2023 | Music: © Martin Zimányi 2016 | Director: ©Tereza Kraliková 2023 | Cover: ©Katarína Slaninková 2015/23WISTERIA BOOKS s.r.o. Bratislava ©2023Ⓟ2023

Audiobook Three friends and the totally fantastic bunker - author Barbora Kardošová, interpreter Clive Chandler.


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