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Vydáno: 2019

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NEW: Listen to audio sessions on training, sleep, and mental performance and learn how to strengthen your body and your mind.

With Freeletics, lose weight, build muscle, track and improve your fitness level with our digital coach. Personalized plans let you exercise anywhere - no gym required. Set your goals, do powerful HIIT exercises and develop a better body in weeks.

One of the most downloaded Health & Fitness apps, with 39 million users in over 160 countries.

Google named Freeletics an Editor’s Choice among Health & Wellness apps.

“As gym memberships can get pricey, Freeletics uses workouts that require no equipment, allowing you to train anywhere.“ (The Sun)

Freeletics is a fitness training app that requires no equipment. The global fitness app market, which includes everything from FitBit to ClassPass…” (Fast Company)

★ A community of 39 million users and proven results.
★ Hundreds of bodyweight and HIIT workouts, customized for you.
Adaptive coachingand tracking keep your body challenged.
24 hour fitness: train at home or anywhere, anytime.

Hiit training & fast results:
Get your sweat on and achieve beachbody using just your bodyweight. Abs, arms, butt & legs - our plans cover all muscle groups.

Customized coaching:
10-30 minute workouts personalized to your schedule, level and goals.

Flexible activity:
★ Say goodbye to classes and gym sessions. Get fit at home or anywhere.

Community & knowledge:
Deepen your interest in health, sports and nutrition with hundreds of Freeletics Blog articles. From weight loss and diet myths to weightlifting tips.
★ Connect with other athletes, join local Freeletics groups & train together.

Premium – the coach:
Get to work on your abs, legs, butt & arms with a fitness planner. Subscribe for personalized tracking and advanced features:
★ Take a detailed fitness test for a better coaching experience.
★ Choose your availability - 2,3,4 or 5 sessions per week.
Get a weekly plan tailored to your level & schedule.
★ Receive feedback to track your performance.
★ Give feedback to the Coach to adjust your training plan.
★ Get access to all Freeletics Training Coaches - Bodyweight, Running and Gym, for one price.

Freeletics is a leading brand in the digital fitness scene that has revolutionized the industry since its launch in 2013. Our mission is to make a fit and healthy lifestyle available to everyone, free of limits. Today, 39 million users across the world train with Freeletics apps on sports grounds, in parks, at home or in the gym.

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