Google Fit - Fitness Tracking

Developer: Google LLC
Vydáno: 2018

Platforma: android

• Effortlessly track any activity. As you walk, run or cycle throughout the day, your phone or Wear OS by Google watch automatically logs the activity with Google Fit.
• Get instant insights. See real-time stats for your runs, walks and rides. Google Fit will record your speed, pace, route, elevation and more so you can stay motivated and on track.
• Reach your fitness goals. Set goals based on steps, time, distance or calories burned. Receive personalised recommendations and coaching for activity goals.
• Measure your wellness. Aggregates info from other apps to track fitness, nutrition, sleep and weight: Wear OS by Google, Nike+, Runkeeper, Strava, MyFitnessPal, Lifesum, Basis, Sleep as Android, Withings and Xiaomi Mi bands.
• Check in from anywhere. Track your progress from your phone, tablet, the web ( and even your Wear OS by Google watch.