Plunger Hero

Plunger Hero

Developer: VOODOO
Vydáno: 2021

Platforma: android

Aim, shoot... then Pull and break them all!

The most impressive game of 2020 so far!

Jump from building to building and shoot the giants to pull them and make them break part by part.

The best players manage to chain sections together by stepping on them in just a few seconds.

Simple and intuitive controls and addictive gameplay mechanics.

Let's break it down and take it apart!

■ Easy to play
Touch the head, arms, legs, etc. of the enemy to suck the suckers!
All you have to do is slide down and shoot!
Let's beat it by taking it apart!

■ Relieve stress!
You can shoot 3 rubber cups at the same time!
Suck on all the rubber cups well and squeeze!

■ Tips
The enemy's head is a weak point!
You can also shoot continuously by tapping and holding the screen, aiming for the head!
If you improve, you will be able to reach the goal in seconds.

■ Recommended for people like this!
・ I love action games
・ I want to play easily and quickly
・ I like to break
・ Looking for a feeling of elation
・ I'm looking for hyper casual
・ I am looking for an easy to use game
・ I am looking for an exhilarating casual game
・ I want to clear the mission and have a sense of accomplishment
・ People who want to relieve stress
・ People who want to kill time