ČSOB Smart Key

ČSOB Smart Key

Developer: Ceskoslovenska obchodni banka, a.s.
Vydáno: 2022

Platforma: android

The ČSOB Smart Key will make it easier for you to log in and confirm payments in internet banking, as well as card payments in e-shops, or remote verification when calling the Infoline or a bank branch. You don't have to wait for a confirmation SMS and then rewrite the code from it. With the Smart Key, notifications will pop up immediately and you will confirm the request with a fingerprint or numerical PIN.

Why to use ČSOB Smart Key application:

Conveniently log in and confirm the payment in internet banking
You can just as easily confirm a card payment on the Internet
Remote verification when calling the Infoline or bank branch comes also very handy
You can use a fingerprint instead of a PIN
Authentication complies with bank-grade security standards
Being offline is not a problem: app works also offline for confirming transactions in internet banking
A map of branches and ATMs is a part of the app
You can install it on both your mobile phones and tablets

After downloading, simply activate the application using the activation key ftom internet banking, ATM, or branch.

For more information visit page Smart Key.

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