Galaxy SMS - Live Chat

Developer: Mas Nilam
Vydáno: 2020

Platforma: android

Allow users to easily send messages, no longer have accidents caused by SMS delays, there are many excellent features, especially password lock, privacy options, scheduled SMS senders (reminders, birthday wishes), and stop during sending Text, backup, block list/SMS blocker, signature, text snippets, multi-select picture library, free SMS app with dual SIM cards.

+ Free dual card dual standby SMS application
+Online chat function: Support picture, video, audio, electronic business card, GIF format.
+ Option to send reports in two SMS and MMS, able to save delivery time.
+group chat
+Favorite SMS
+Timed message sending
+ Night mode
+Spam blocking
+ Backup and restore settings
+Quick search box

The above functions are designed for the needs of users. In addition, there are many online SMS themes for free download and use, download it and experience it!