Draw n Road

Developer: JY GAME
Vydáno: 2020

Platforma: android

Can you park all cars in their right spot?
Amazing parking car game is coming now!
Draw a road, drive the car and park to the parking area. And try to park all cars safely! Unique car puzzle game, combine car parking with drawing puzzle! Challenging your IQ, and also funny! Whether you parking car good or not in realistic, parking car still a challenging for you in this parking car game! The challenging in this parking game is parking your car in the right locations and do not make car crash in the parking way!

How to play?
Just draw a line with your finger and guide the car to the parking slot! No matter how you draw the lines, find your own way to park your car safely. Can you be the park master?
Thinking before parking, do not let your car crash! And parking obstacles also needs to watch out!

Park cars
Car parking is essential to everyone who drive cars. but can you park car right in this game? Whether you drive or not in the life, this parking car game give you unlimited fun. Even you do not drive car in the realistic, you can also experience parking fun in this parking car game!

Draw a road
More than just parking car! Also drawing lines!
This is a simple car parking puzzle game. Each car has their own parking slot. Draw a safe road to help your car to get to their parking spots safely! Drive your car carefully through impossible roads.

Car crash
Watch out as you may hit other cars during parking! You need to draw a right parking line to guide your car go to right parking slot, or you may let all cars crash, and you will failure in this parking car game!

Play now! If you think you can park all cars in the right parking slot, do not missing this game!

And a wide variety of crowded and troubled parking slots are waiting for you in this parking car game!