Love Sick: Love Stories Games

Love Sick: Love Stories Games

Developer: SWAG MASHA
Vydáno: 2022

Platforma: android

Love Sick, the interactive story game where you play the lead role! Romance, drama, suspense and more - Love Sick offers a huge collection of love story games with interactive novels for any taste. If you like to read interactive stories, then things just got a whole lot better! See potential lovers and jealous rivals come to life in our originally-written, interactive novels with exclusively female lead characters! Play the life simulation game.

Welcome to a role-playing game where you can choose your story and find what you really can call - my love, my story. Play the game: make your love choice and customize your relationship games by choosing YOUR style, YOUR relationships, and YOUR destiny in this interactive story game! A perfect love choice for fans of romantic games, relationship games, and love story games.

Love Sick is one of the leading romance games and dress up games out there that will get you hooked on our interactive stories! This is the app where you can say: My choice – My story. Your choices are what it takes to build the relationships, creating the best romance stories! Choose your story and roleplay your way to the stories you love in this breathtaking and addictive interactive story game.

- Choose your own adventure in our interactive novels and play the love story game
- Play the game and customize your character by choosing the perfect look in the dress up game.
- Romantic game with multiple episodes of interactive novels.
- Several genres to choose from: contemporary romance, thriller, paranormal romance, suspense, shifter romance, fantasy romance and many more romance stories! Choose your story from our huge library.
- This is a decision game - you make all the important choices and control what happens next! Make your love choice.
- This interactive story game is available in 17 languages: English, French, Spanish, German, Italian, Russian, Portuguese, Simplified Chinese, Japanese, Indonesian, Turkish, Arabic, Hebrew, Greek, Thai, Polish and Czech.

Love Sick is an app for love story games and role-playing game enthusiasts. Your choices are the thing that will matter the most in this romantic game. Choose your story, play the decision game and feel confident saying this is my story!

Why fans of relationship games, romance games and dress up games love our role-playing game:

- Enviable style: Trendy outfits that’ll wow your inner fashionista. Customize your hair, outfits, and character look.
- Your ideal partner in the romance game: Gentle billionaire, bad girl vampire, or arrogant prince? Make your love choice!
- Put your relationship game and flirting skills to the test in our interactive stories!
- New interactive novels for you every week - choose your story and play the love story game!

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