eRouška - part of smart quarantine

Developer: Ministerstvo zdravotnictví České republiky
Vydáno: 2020

Platforma: android

Application eRouška remembers, thanks to Bluetooth, other eRouška users that you’ve met. It simplifies the work of hygienic station workers to find contacts at risk.

Help to flatten the curve of people infected by coronavirus.

If you’ve meet somebody infected:
If you meet somebody who will later test positive for coronavirus, the hygienic station will be able to contact you by phone. Even if you just stayed close to each other in a shop.

If you get infected:
If you test positive for coronavirus, a hygienic station worker will ask for a list of people that you’ve met in the last days. You can simply, in one-click, send them an anonymous list of eRouška users that you were in close contact with. Including those you don't know personally, but you happened to share the same bus ride with, for instance.

Nobody will know that you might have been the one who helped spread the virus on them.