Left to Survive: Dead Zombie Survival Shooter

Left to Survive: Dead Zombie Survival Shooter

Developer: My.com B.V.
Vydáno: 2020

Platforma: android

Stay alive in the zombie shooter with PvP mode: Left to Survive.

Undead scourge left the world in ruins. Shoot the zombies with assault rifles, shotguns, machine guns, and sniper weaponry, defeat the living dead by grenades and special abilities! Build a base and defend it against raiders to stay alive. Build a helicopter and win survival games by demolishing your opponent's encampments. Fight other players in PvP mode, band in clans, and compete with other survivors in multiplayer events.

Persistent zombie world. Alive for 1,5 years!
Survival action with great 3D visuals, 11 regions, and regular updates. Weekly multiplayer mode events featuring new guns, time travel, aliens and much more!

Stay Alive Against Zombies
The last day is coming, and the zombies won't stop unless you destroy them all. Mow down zombie hordes with powerful weapons.

Destroy Bases With A Helicopter
Build a chopper and lay waste on your opponent's towers and buildings by firing machine guns and air-to-ground missiles!

Intense PvP
Think the Dead are Deadly? The multiplayer mode allows you to play PvP games against live players in solo and 2x2 modes. Stay alive!

Challenge Zombie Bosses
Zombie life is tough! They learned how to jump, throw toxic waste at you, and even carry police armor! Are you ready to beat the toughest of the toughest?

Build and Customize Your Base
Build, customize, and defend your encampment from rival factions. Locate zombie apocalypse survivors, loot materials and band together! Don't let the New Earth Republic overpower your settlement!

Left to Survive is free to play, but you can choose to pay real money for some extra items.

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