KB Klíč

Developer: Komerční banka, a.s.
Vydáno: 2020

Platforma: android

The KB Klíč application will verify your identity and securely log you into MojeBanka online banking and Komerční banka’s other online apps without the need to enter a texted code. You will also authorise payments using KB Klíč.

To activate KB Klíč, you need:

- KB ID, which you can find in the Electronic Signature Agreement. You can also use your username.
- The activation code, which you will receive at a KB branch or after logging into mujprofil.kb.cz otherwise than via KB Klíč.

During activation, set the PIN. If your phone can work with fingerprints, you can set your fingerprint. However, in such a case only upload your own fingerprint.

If your mobile phone is connected to the internet the request to confirm the activation will automatically reach your phone. Check the request and confirm. If your mobile phone is not connected to the internet select the option “Device not connected to the internet” on the computer. Using the KB Klíč application then scan the image code from the computer’s screen. Then confirm it by entering the PIN or fingerprint. Finally type the generated code into the computer.

Note that if you enter an incorrect PIN three times, KB Klíč disables access. You can then activate the apps using the activation code that you can obtain from an ATM, at a KB branch, or after logging into mujprofil.kb.cz otherwise than via KB Klíč.

KB Klíč will not work for you if you have reinstalled software in your mobile phone and therefore have the platform (root) unprotected. All of this because of security.